Removable Padded Hip Belt

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  • Description
  • Hip Belt Waist Sizes
  • Benefits
  • How to Attach
  • Description
  • Increase your max carry weight on your hip-less Waymark pack with the all new Removable Padded Hip Belt.

    Compatible with the following Waymark packs:

    • THRU UL
    • EVLV
    • MILE
      • Recommended on the MILE only for hikers with a 17” or smaller torso
      • Not recommended on the MILE for hikers with a torso over 17” as the belt will sit too high on your torso

    Ships in 3-5 days.

  • Hip Belt Waist Sizes
  • We've taken the guess work out of getting that fit just right, our hip belt sizes are based on your standard pants waist size.

    • Small 26-30” (66-76cm) waist  Weight: 4.2 oz
    • Medium 30-34” (76-87cm) waist  Weight: 4.6 oz
    • Large 34-38” (87-97cm) waist  Weight: 5 oz
    • X Large 38-42” (97-107cm) waist  Weight: 5.4 oz
  • Benefits
  • Provides an additional 5-7 lbs. of support to any of the above listed packs.

    Allows more versatility to a hip-less pack depending on your hiking needs, potentially eliminating the need to purchase a different pack.

    Compatible with any pack that has the same 1” webbing attachment point at the bottom of the pack.

    Compatible with the Waymark Hip Belt Pocket allowing further versatility and carrying options.

    • How to Attach
    • Directions for use 

      To attach the Removable Padded Hip Belt, open the Slik Clips (if closed) and slide it with the hook facing up and sliding up into the 1” webbing loop located at the lower end of the shoulder strap on the shoulder wing (the male side buckle should always be on your right hand side).

      To close the Slik Clip, put pressure on the center of the hook and clasp it until it locks into place. To open and remove the belt, simply push on the center of the hook end and pull up on the end where the clip locks in place, this makes opening the Slik Clip much easier.

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