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The total weight a Waymark backpack can comfortably carry is dependant on the model. Specific weight capacities are seen below and have been determined by in field testing of each pack to ensure a comfortable carry for each pack model.

Frameless Packs:
DARK SKY · 18L: 12-15 pounds
MILE · 28L: 18 Pounds
ĒVLV ULTRA: 20 Pounds

Framed Packs:
THRU · 40L: 35 Pounds
LITE · 50L: 35 Pounds
EMBR · 60L: 40 Pounds
Using a flexible tape measure, measure from your pants waistline (which is typically right in line with the top of your hip bones) all the way up to your C7 vertebrae. When you bend your head forward while your back is straight, run your finger down your neck until you feel a bump a few inches above your shoulders. Measure to that spot then straighten your neck up in line with your back. That is your Torso length.

THRU AND LITE TORSO SIZING XS (13-15") Torso S/M (15-17.5”) Torso M/L (18-20.5”) Torso L/XL (21-23”) Torso

Simply use your pant waist size as your size, we've already done the math on our end to make sure your hip belt will have the proper amount of space between hip pads with the given waist size range. (For instance, a M/L hip belt will have anywhere from 8"-4" of space between hip pads with a 32"-36" waist size). Hip Belts now come in 6 size choices which are fully padded and permanently sewn to the pack. Sizes are based on and account for standard pant/waist measurements. (You will have the opportunity to choose your hip belt size during final checkout). XS 27-29” Waist S 30-32" Waist M 32-34" Waist L 34-36" Waist XL 36-38” Waist XXL 40-44” Waist
For Torso:
In the case where you've measured your torso correctly and you're in between sizes, we recommend going with the smaller size. This will ensure that the shoulder straps sit at the correct position on your shoulders, and when load lifters on the pack are used, they work as designed, rather than pull against your collar bone.

For Waist:
Hip Belt sizing is based on your pants size. We recommend going with the smaller size for most cases. For example, if you are a 34" waist you'd fall between a Medium and Large hip belt. Sizing of belts allows them to have some overlap, and in most cases packs are worn without thick layers on, so the smaller hip belt size is the right choice. Should you be hiking with thick layers on then the larger size would be recommended.
Hip belts on the EMBR, LITE and THRU are permanently sewn to the pack and cannot be changed once the pack is made.
We recommend you ensure you've measured correctly and followed our sizing information before placing an order.
While all Waymark Packs are built with waterproof ECOPAK™ fabrics, seams are not sealed due to the sewing construction of the packs. As with any outdoor backpack, even DCF (Cuben Fiber) seam taped packs, it is still recommended to use dry sacks and/or an interior pack liner like our Clear Waterproof Pack Liner, just to be safe.
Bear canisters like the BV450 and BV500 are compatible with the Waymark EVLV ULTRA, THRU, LITE and EMBR models.
A BV450 will fit inside the EVLV ULTRA, THRU, LITE and EMBR sitting vertically, as well as strap to the top of the pack using the Y-Strap attachment.
A BV500 is suggested to strap to the top of the EVLV ULTRA, THRU, LITE and EMBR models using the included Y-Strap designed for securing a bear canister. A BV500 canister will fit vertically inside the LITE and EMBR.

The MILE and DARK SKY backpacks are not compatible with hard sided bear canisters.

Long days on the trail, sweat, and dragging your pack through the dirt may give your pack a nice trail patina, but what if you can't handle the dirt and smell any longer? It may be time to give your pack a wash.

Cleaning Instructions: Fill a bathub or large container with warm water and submerse your pack in the water. Let it sit for several minutes and then with your hands or a soft sponge lightly scrub dirty areas to remove dirt and such from fabrics. You may use a light detergent or a small amount of dish soap to help with cleaning. Rinse the pack several times and then hang to dry.
Never tumble dry a Waymark Gear Co. backpack. Heat from a dryer will damage the pack.
Waymark Gear Co. backpacks do not have an internal hydration sleeve. Hydration bladders are not recommended for use inside a Waymark Gear Co. backpack.
Hydration bladders may be used on the outside of the pack by placing the bladder in and outside pocket.
Waymark Gear Co. packs are not customizable. We do not accommodate one off custom requests. This allows us to drastically reduce lead times and get gear in your hands faster.
ECOPAK EPX Fabrics are a 100% recycled polyester fabric that’s multi-layered and laminated. These layers include a face fabric of either a 70D, 200D, 400D, or 600D, then have a 45º cross ply polyester thread and a 70D ripstop polyester backing. These layers combined create a strong and durable fabric that also has a high stitch holding strength. EPX fabrics also feature a no fluorocarbons CO DWR treatment on the face fabric that aids in the waterproof aspect of these fabrics.

While these fabrics are waterproof, the seams of a Waymark Gear Co. backpack are not, and we recommend using a pack liner to provide protection against gear you’d be concerned about getting wet.

EPX fabrics used on Waymark Gear Co. backpacks include EPX70, EPX200, and EPX400. For example, the EVLV 35 liter frameless backpack is primarily made from EPX70 and EPX200. High abrasion areas of the pack feature EPX200 that provide better protection and longevity of the pack. Our LITE 50 liter framed backpack, which is our largest pack utilizes EPX200 and EPX400 to create the strongest and most durable pack possible, while still achieving a really low weight.

ECOPAK EPX fabrics most closely resemble Xpac nylon fabrics such as VX21 and VX07.

ECOPAK EPL Ultra Fabrics:
ECOPAK EPL Ultra variations are different from EPX in that they are a woven fabric that has a recycled, waterproof RUV film laminated to the back side of it. EPL Ultra comes in 4 main variations of EPL100, EPL200, EPL400, and EPL800 and utilizes some recycled components, but is not 100% recycled like EPX fabrics are. The increase in number refers to the denier of the woven PE or the top layer. EPL Ultra is known to have a high weight to strength ratio, and has a much higher abrasion resistance than DCF fabrics that it most commonly gets compared to.

EPL Ultra is waterproof and with the right construction processes, can be seam taped, but even seam taping a backpack doesn’t deem it 100% waterproof and a pack liner would still be recommended to protect gear from getting wet.

In March 2022 we introduced EPL Ultra fabrics to our line up by offering the EVLV 35L ultralight backpack in EPL Ultra 200, making the EVLV the lightest pack in the Waymark Gear lineup.
We would advise to check your airline first for carry on requirements.
Not all Waymark packs meet carry on requirements. Larger torso sizes may disqualify a pack from being used as a carry on for air travel.
**Backpacks that have a roll top closure (MILE, EVLV, THRU, LITE) are measured from the bottom of the pack to the top of the collar being rolled down as far as it will roll.

DARK SKY · 18L: This pack is 16" in length. It will fit under any airplane seat.
MILE · 28L: This pack is 19" in length. It will fit under any airplane seat.
EVLV · 35L: 19" in length. Will not fit under airplane seats.
EVLV · 38L: 21.5" in length. Will not fit under airplane seats.
THRU · 40L: XS & S/M Torso: 21.5" in length. M/L Torso: 23" in length. L/XL Torso: 26" in length.

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