THRU · 40L & LITE · 50L2023 Updates Explained Since 2017 our flagship THRU and LITE pack models have been the go to choice for thru hikers, sec...
In 2021, Kelly Hays completed the Appalachian Trail, her first long trial, but with some challenges early on that not many hikers ever experience. We've been inspired by her hiking story and asked Kelly a few questions about her experience on the Appalachian Trail and her upcoming PCT thru hike attempt.
A new technical fabric has hit the outdoor gear market by storm known as Ultra. Waymark Gear Co. is starting to introduce this ultralight, ultra durable fabric to our pack line up, but being a new fabric offering, there can be misunderstandings of what it really is, and why it's being used for backpacks. Here is some information on what Ultra is, and why we're using it at Waymark Gear Co.
What is ECOPAK and why Waymark Gear Co. is using it! One thing you can count on in the outdoor industry is the evolution of technical fabrics, and ...

In 2017 Waymark Gear Company introduced the LITE and THRU series packs and entered the world of ultralight frameless backpacks. Since then, our packs have completed hundreds of thru hikes, and been the go to pack for thru hikers, section hikers, and weekend warriors alike. 

Now in 2021 Waymark has introduced a refreshed line of backpacks based on the THRU and LITE designs that were introduced in Fall 2019. These new packs include the framed THRU and LITE, and the frameless THRU UL.

Development of a new product only becomes successful when extensive field testing is done to ensure that the product is ready to bring to market. Field testing is where you truly learn the good, the bad and the ugly of a product and it allows refinement of a product during development. At Waymark Gear Co. we are spoiled with the ability to walk out our front door and have hundreds of miles of trail to hike and test gear just a short drive away. So that's what we did when developing the 2022 model LITE.

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