The Spring season is here, which means it's time to dust off your warm weather hiking gear. Hiking trails are opening up from melting snow, and many of us are getting ready for weekends of trail time in the sun. 

Through the winter you may have been keeping up on staying fit for hiking, but have you sat down and gone through your gear to make sure it's ready for the season? This is actually a really important part of making sure you're properly prepared for your day hikes, weekend backpacking trips, or even a longer distance thru hike you may have planned. So we've put together a short check list of things to do with your gear to make sure you're prepared for the Spring and Summer seasons!

Since its release in May 2020, the EVLV has become the go to frameless pack for thru hikers and backpackers focused on carrying minimal focused gear load outs. The streamlined design of the EVLV lends itself to simplicity in packing and the ability to move quickly, or simply just carry less gear for your trips. 

Over the years since its release the EVLV has had several updates made to it to include features and fabrics that enhance the user experience, increase durability and overall create a better backpack. 

In February 2023 we completely updated the EVLV to make it the best pack its ever been! We broke down each individual aspect of the backpack and asked ourselves the who, what, why and how to create the best on trail experience possible. So lets take a deep dive into the all new 2023 EVLV ULTRA and discuss the features, specs, fabrics, etc of the pack.

One of the most common questions we get here at Waymark Gear is, should I get a framed or frameless backpack for my hiking and backpacking trips? While this seems like a simple question on the surface, the reality of it is a lot deeper than you think. With multiple pack models available from us here at Waymark, both framed and frameless, our goal with this article is to help you understand which style of pack makes the most sense for you.
THRU · 40L & LITE · 50L2023 Updates Explained Since 2017 our flagship THRU and LITE pack models have been the go to choice for thru hikers, sec...
In 2021, Kelly Hays completed the Appalachian Trail, her first long trial, but with some challenges early on that not many hikers ever experience. We've been inspired by her hiking story and asked Kelly a few questions about her experience on the Appalachian Trail and her upcoming PCT thru hike attempt.
A new technical fabric has hit the outdoor gear market by storm known as Ultra. Waymark Gear Co. is starting to introduce this ultralight, ultra durable fabric to our pack line up, but being a new fabric offering, there can be misunderstandings of what it really is, and why it's being used for backpacks. Here is some information on what Ultra is, and why we're using it at Waymark Gear Co.

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