EVLV · EPX Limited Edition Colors
EVLV · EPX Limited Edition Colors
EVLV · EPX Limited Edition Colors
EVLV · EPX Limited Edition Colors
EVLV · EPX Limited Edition Colors
EVLV · EPX Limited Edition Colors
EVLV · EPX Limited Edition Colors
EVLV · EPX Limited Edition Colors
EVLV · EPX Limited Edition Colors

EVLV · EPX Limited Edition Colors

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  • Features


    Over-the-top Compression utilizes 3/8” webbing with adjustable buckle and is used to close and compress the roll top opening of the pack. (Not designed for use with bear canister)

    Roll Top Design with Velcro and buckle closure.

    Compatible with either a 1” Webbing or Padded Removable Hip Belt. Each side of the pack at the lower shoulder strap triangle has a 1” webbing loop sewn into the pack that accepts the Slik Clip attachment on either Waymark removable hip belt option.

    Shoulder Straps with multiple daisy chain webbing loops for easy attachment of your Waymark shoulder accessories. Underside is built with a durable, comfortable 3D Mesh.

    Load Shifters designed to keep the pack from sagging on your back and shoulders. 

    Expandable, Elasticized Side Pockets are angled towards your back for easier access while wearing the pack.

    Single Side Compression Cords made with 3mm polyester and an adjustable Lineloc allowing you to cinch taller items to the sides of your pack.

    (2) Trekking Pole Loops, (1) Ice Axe Loop at the bottom/front of the pack accommodate trekking poles and an ice axe, along with the included bungee cord locks on each side to secure the poles to the upper part of the pack.

    Lycra Mesh Front Pocket for storing easy access items or drying out wet gear.

    Adjustable Sternum Strap with expandable breathe-easy elastic for added comfort.

  • Specs


    The EVLV EPX in Limited Edition colors is built with EPX70 Black ECOPAK™ and an EPX200 Black bottom for durability. There are Lilac or Golden Dazy EPX200 accents on the front pocket bottom and above the shoulder straps on the mid-back, top collar, front panel and side panels. All packs come with a Lycra front pocket.

    ECOPAK™ EPX Fabrics are waterproof and highly abrasion resistant. Seams of the EVLV are not taped or seam sealed. We recommend use of a waterproof pack liner in wet environments and heavy rain. 


    2 Torso Sizes:
    35 Liter: 
    Technically 14-16” inches, this is a gauge to help understand where the bottom of the pack will sit on your lower back. The EVLV 35 is also a great option for smaller hikers in this torso range.
    38 Liter: 16-18", meant for taller hikers with a longer torso, but this size will fit a torso of 17" or longer. 

    35 Liter: 28" Tall x 11" Wide x 5.75" Deep

    • Main body (minus 3" off pack height for roll top) 1581.25 cu/in = 25.9 Liters
    • Exterior pockets: cu/in 550 = 9.1 Liters
    • Total volume: 35 Liters
    • Max comfortable carry: 18-20 lbs
    • Height from bottom to top of shoulder straps: 17.5"


    • Without any added accessories: 15.85 oz 
    • With 1” Removable hip belt and all removable components: 16.8 oz
    • With Removable Padded Hip Belt: 20 oz

    38 Liter: 30" Tall x 11" Wide x 6" Deep

    • Main body (minus 3" off pack height for roll top) cu/in 1782 = 29.2 Liters
    • Exterior pockets: cu/in 577 = 9.45 Liters
    • Total volume: 38.65 Liters
    • Max comfortable carry: 20 lbs
    • Height from bottom to top of shoulder straps: 20"


    • Without any added accessories: 16.5 oz 
    • With 1” Removable hip belt and all removable components: 17.8 oz
    • With Removable Padded Hip Belt: 21 oz

    Individual removable component weights:

    • Bungee with cordlock: 0.1 oz
    • Side compression cords: 0.15 oz
    • 1” Removable Hip Belt: 1.5 oz
  • Best Uses
  • The EVLV is best suited for the following conditions:

    • 1-3 day hikes
    • Ultralight Thru hiking, weekend overnight trips
    • Baseweight of 10 lbs or less, Max carry weight of 18-20 lbs
  • Directions to Attach Hip Belt
  • Available options:

    • 1” Webbing Hip Belt is made with 1" wide Nylon webbing and comes with (2) Slik Clips and a 1" dual adjustable male and female buckles.
    • Removable Padded Hip Belt attaches with 1 Slik Clip on each side of the pack to the 1” webbing loops and increases the overall carry weight of the pack by 5-7 lbs. 

    Directions for use: To attach the 1” Webbing Hip Belt or Removable Padded Hip Belt, open the Slik Clips (if closed) and slide them with the hook facing up and sliding up into the 1” webbing loop located at the lower end of the shoulder strap on the shoulder wing (the male side buckle should always be on your right hand side). To close the Slik Clip, put pressure on the center of the hook and clasp it until it locks into place. To open and remove the belt, simply push on the center of the hook end and pull up on the end where the clip locks in place, this makes opening the Slik Clip much easier.

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