Deep Dive - EVLV ULTRA - A Complete Breakdown

Deep Dive - EVLV ULTRA - A Complete Breakdown

A Complete Breakdown of Our Best Selling Frameless Backpack!

Since its release in May 2020, the EVLV has become the go to frameless pack for thru hikers and backpackers focused on carrying minimal focused gear load outs. The streamlined design of the EVLV lends itself to simplicity in packing and the ability to move quickly, or simply just carry less gear for your trips. 

Over the years since its release the EVLV has had several updates made to it to include features and fabrics that enhance the user experience, increase durability and overall create a better backpack. 

In February 2023 we completely updated the EVLV to make it the best pack its ever been! We broke down each individual aspect of the backpack and asked ourselves the who, what, why and how to create the best on trail experience possible. So lets take a deep dive into the all new 2023 EVLV ULTRA and discuss the features, specs, fabrics, etc of the pack. 


Our goal at Waymark Gear Co. is to continually develop products that provide the best experience possible out on the trail. The fabrics we choose to use on each of our packs comes through careful consideration, field testing, and to provide you the best product experience at a competitive price point. 

There is a good chance at this point you've heard of Ultra, and probably wondered what all the hype is about this new fabric. It's important to understand first and foremost that Ultra encompasses several different fabric types, several of which are used in the construction of the EVLV. In short, Ultra consists of a fiber called Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE), which is a non branded "Dyneema/Spectra" fiber. On the EVLV we use three of the Ultra fabric styles, UltraWeave™, UltraGrid™, and UltraStretch™. But what are these fabrics, and why are they such a big deal? 


UltraWeave™ is the most common Ultra fabric and what most people think of when talking about Ultra. This fabric takes the Ultra fiber and weaves it together and is then laminated to a recycled, waterproof RUV film. UltraWeave™ is incredibly strong and abrasion resistant, while also being very light weight. This is the key benefit of UltraWeave™. Maximum durability for the lightest weight possible, which contributes to the popularity of the fabric as a backpack fabric.

On the EVLV ULTRA we use the 200D and 400D versions of this for the main body of the pack. We use 400D in the high stress/high abrasion areas of the pack for the maximum durability possible. 


Newer to the Ultra line up, UltraGrid™ is a recycled nylon that has an Ultra fiber, double ripstop throughout. This fabric has incredible tear strength and being a soft, pliable fabric, it's a great option for use as side pockets on a backpack. So we are using UltraGrid™ for the side pockets of the EVLV ULTRA because the fabric allows for high abrasion resistance and tear strength in an area of the pack that tends to see a lot of abuse. 


For years we've been waiting for a stretch fabric that was built to handle the abuse the trail puts on a backpack. Often times, the stretch fabric used on any backpack is the first point of failure of a pack. Then came along UltraStretch™, a stretch fabric built to take on tree branches, rocks and pokey things. UltraStretch™ is a woven 4-way stretch fabric with the Ultra fiber woven into it, giving it incredible strength and tear resistance. 

We are using UltraStretch™ for the main front pocket of the EVLV and now on the new optional bottom pocket that can be added to the pack. 

Overall, the use of these fabrics not only make for an aesthetically good looking pack, it also provides the best performance possible out of an ultralight, frameless backpack like the EVLV. 


As mentioned, the EVLV ULTRA has seen a complete update for 2023 with new features that make the EVLV more versatile than ever. A full list of features include:

  • UltraWeave™ 200D & 400D main body fabrics
  • UltraGrid™ Side Pockets and Shoulder Straps
  • UltraStretch™ Front Pocket and Optional Bottom Pocket
  • 35 Liter and 38 Liter sizes
  • Roll Top entry to main body
  • Optional Bottom Pocket with right hand or left hand orientation
  • Over the top Y-Strap
  • Load shifters at shoulder straps for better load distribution
  • Accessory ready shoulder straps
  • 1" webbing loops at base of pack for accessory hip belts
  • Adjustable sternum strap with whistle buckle
  • Trekking Pole loops and Ice Axe loop
  • Side compression straps to secure tall items

The key updates to the EVLV include the optional bottom pocket, over the top Y-Strap and UltraGrid™ side pockets and shoulder straps. 

With UltraStretch™ now available, putting a bottom pocket on the EVLV can be done with more confidence in the fabric being able to handle the dirt and abrasion of being set down and potentially dragged on the ground, or rocks when scrambling over boulders, etc. 

The Bottom Pocket is available as an add on to the EVLV ULTRA, and is available in a right hand or left hand orientation. Meaning the main opening of the pocket is accessed with the pack on your back from the right side or left side. To the rear of the pocket, against the back panel is a small opening to stash trash from snacking or other small access items while hiking. 

The Over The Top Y-Strap allows a hiker to secure bulky gear items to the top of the pack that may not fit inside of the pack. For example, a bear canister can now be secured to the top of the pack, like a BV500 sized canister. You can also secure an accordion style closed cell foam sleeping pad as well. 

It's important to keep in mind that adding bulky weight to the top of the pack, like a BV500 bear canister will affect the balance of the pack. We suggest use of a 1" webbing belt or our removable padded hip belt with the EVLV ULTRA when using a bear canister for a more comfortable experience.

The UltraGrid™ Side Pockets are a really nice update to the use of the side pockets. This fabric allows for a little more flexibility and minor stretch that helps keep bottles in place and sit lower in the pocket. The side pockets are cut and angled down toward the hikers back to make it easy to access water bottle while wearing the pack. 


The EVLV ULTRA is built for comfort and to be as light weight as possible. We don't skip on essential features or cut corners just to save weight. So while the EVLV ULTRA is 1 pound or less in weight, it's designed for comfort on the trail. 

If you've got a base weight of 10 pounds or less, the EVLV ULTRA is the pack to use for your hiking. 

Specs of the EVLV ULTRA Include: 


2 Torso Sizes:
35 Liter: 
Technically 14-16” inches, this is a gauge to help understand where the bottom of the pack will sit on your lower back. The EVLV 35 is also a great option for smaller hikers in this torso range.
38 Liter: 16-18", meant for taller hikers with a longer torso, but this size will fit a torso of 17" or longer. 

35 Liter: 28" Tall x 11" Wide x 5.75" Deep

  • Main body (minus 3" off pack height for roll top) 1581.25 cu/in = 25.9 Liters
  • Exterior pockets: cu/in 550 = 9.1 Liters
  • Total volume: 35 Liters
  • Max comfortable carry: 18-20 lbs
  • Height from bottom to top of shoulder straps: 17.5"

35L Weight

  • Without any added accessories: 14.2 oz
  • With Optional Bottom Pocket: 15.35oz (w/out accessories)
  • With 1” Removable hip belt and all removable components: 15.4 oz
  • With Removable Padded Hip Belt: 18 oz

38 Liter: 30" Tall x 11" Wide x 6" Deep

  • Main body (minus 3" off pack height for roll top) cu/in 1782 = 29.2 Liters
  • Exterior pockets: cu/in 577 = 9.45 Liters
  • Total volume: 38.65 Liters
  • Max comfortable carry: 20 lbs
  • Height from bottom to top of shoulder straps: 20"

38L Weight

  • Without any added accessories: 15.1 oz
  • With Optional Bottom Pocket: 16oz (w/out accessories)
  • With 1” Removable hip belt and all removable components: 16.4 oz
  • With Removable Padded Hip Belt: 22 oz

The EVLV ULTRA from Waymark Gear Co. is the ultimate ultralight frameless backpack for any hiker looking to save weight and have a minimal focused gear load out. Simple, minimal, comfort focused, and built from the highest quality fabrics and components, the EVLV ULTRA will provide years and years of reliable use for your ultralight backpacking adventures!

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